Part I: Campus Sexual Assault Prevention

One in four women and one in seven men experience sexual assault during their college career. During the first semester of college (August-November) 50% of assaults occur, with first year students experiencing the highest risk. This three part series aims to provide students with tips to party safe, help a friend or peer in need, and provide tips for navigating consent.


PART I: Party Safe


College is a time for not only learning in a classroom setting, but also a time for building social relationships that can last a lifetime. For some students, this involves the party scene. In an effort to help you party safe, here are some helpful tips to think about before a night out:


Check in with your friends


Come and go as a group and talk about what you all want to get out of the night before you head out. Plan an exit strategy, just in case. Check in throughout the night. Does someone seem more intoxicated than they initially wanted to be? Go ask how they’re feeling. Checking in is always better than assuming.


Always know what you’re drinking


Avoid large punch bowls as you can never be certain as to what is actually in them. Keep an eye on your drink, if you have to go to the bathroom, take it with you. If you leave it unattended, get a new one. Only accept drinks from someone you don’t know if you have watched it being poured.


Know your body and its limits


Keep bottle caps or can tabs in your pocket to help you keep track of how many drinks you have consumed. Are you feeling more intoxicated after a couple drinks than is normal for you? Are you feeling more intoxicated than you’re comfortable with? Check in with your group and make sure you have a safe way home.


Trust your gut

If something doesn’t feel right, check in. Whether it’s something with you or one of your friends, it’s always best to check in and make sure everything is okay.