Sexual violence is disturbingly common. In fact, it is the most common violent crime on American college campuses today. Victims of sexual assault span every age, race, gender, class, and demographic. Porchlight works with survivors whose assault occurred in college or graduate school.

Survivor Stories

Understand  Porchlight’s impact.

This video highlights the stories of two Porchlight clients and how Porchlight Counseling Services has changed their lives for the better.

With it comes to trying therapy, Miguel says, “I learned how to live.”

“I learned not to live in fear anymore, and how to forgive those who had hurt me. I learned that I was strong, I learned how to look in the mirror and love the person who stared back at me. Most importantly, I learned how to live.”

When it comes to trying therapy, Jordan says, “You deserve to be happy.”

Jordan had never been to therapy. She was depressed and experiencing panic attacks after an assault her during freshman year fall semester. One October afternoon, she decided to call Porchlight’s helpline and was quickly connected with a therapist. “Porchlight has helped me understand my identity as a survivor and has given me the tools I needed to thrive in school again.”

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